SP-1001 Ground Monitor/Ground Point
Verifies electrical ground
Ground point for wrist straps
Ground point for ground cords with banana plugs
Provides surge protection

The SP-1001 Ground Point/Ground Monitor is a multi-purpose unit that plugs into standard 3 prong 110V outlets. If the outlet has a good ground, the green LED will light up. The unit also has a banana jack to use as a ground point for wrist straps and ground cords equipped with standard banana plugs. 

In The Factory - The SP-1001 can be used as a grounding point for work surfaces.
- Simplifies setting up the work surface ground (ground cords need banana plug termination)
- Use electrical outlets for ground without losing access to the outlet for electrical equipment
- Makes rearranging the work area simple and economical
- Provides ongoing verification that the ground is good
In Field Service - The SP-1001 can be used to ground either wrist straps or field service kits.
Surge Protection - The SP-1001 also provides surge protection for three pieces of electrical equipment.

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