WT-1035 Work Station Monitor

Flexible design can be used with either dual wire or standard single wire wrist straps

By simply switching adapters the WT-1035 can be used with virtually any style wrist strap.

Low voltage (5V) unit
Constant monitor 
Monitors two stations
Monitors work surfaces ground 
WT-1060 Adapter For Basic Connection With Dual Wire Wrist Straps

Remote jacks enable wrist straps to be monitored in "resistance" mode. Monaural jack accepts dual wire wrist straps from all major suppliers including STATIC TECH's WB-6000 and WB-7000 series.

WT-1050 Impedance Converter  For Single Wire Wrist Straps

These grounding blocks convert the monitor's signal to impedance mode, enabling the unit to work with standard single wire wrist straps with banana plugs. 

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