Dual Layer Rubber

Embossed finish for easy cleaning
Resistant to hot solder
Chemical resistant
Available in dark blue or grey
Conductive layer for effective dissipation

This rubber matting has an easy-to-clean, pebbled surface. The mat's surface resistivity and resistance-to-ground values are in the 106 to 108 (< 1 x 109) ohms range; providing safe, effective dissipation of static charges and meeting ESD Association Guidelines. The dual layer rubber mat's effectiveness and durability provide outstanding long-term value. 
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3 Layer Vinyl

Cushioned for comfort and device protection
Dissipative top and bottom layers
Available in light blue or grey
Conductive layer for dependable dissipation

These three layer vinyl mats provide excellent ESD protection at a low cost. The top layer is a dissipative vinyl with an easy-to-clean embossed texture. The foamed bottom vinyl layer is also dissipative. A buried conductive layer ensures good resistance-to-ground values. Overall thickness is 0.125".
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Dense Vinyl Tray Mat

Rugged 0.060" dense vinyl
Dissipative surface protects against rapid discharge  Keeps pc boards from sliding
Economical  & effective table mat
SM-3001 mat (16-1/4" x 24" with round corners) fits many transport systems standard tray sizes

This economical rugged vinyl is twice as dense as our cushioned three layer material. The material was originally developed for tray lining where its toughness and non-skid properties were required. It's durability, low cost and effective dissipation (includes a buried conductive layer) have led to its use in other applications such as table mats. 
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