FOOT GROUNDERS - D-ring style
MG-1001 Series D-ring Heel Grounder

Convenient D-ring fastener
Exclusive STATIC TECH tab
Rugged molded resistor
Dual wear cup with non-marking interior
MG-1001 18" 1 megohm
MG-1002 Snap-on 18" 1 megohm
MG-1003 30" 1 megohm
MG-1005 Shin band 1 megohm
MG-1009 18" None
MG-1201 18" 2 megohm
MG-1204 30" 2 megohm

D-RING DESIGN: The  D-ring style heel grounder is one of the most convenient heel grounders to use. The cinch strap makes it easy to put on. An elastic comfort strip attaches the D-ring buckle to the grounder, stretching during use for comfort and to keep the heel grounder from "walking" off the foot. 

The MG-1001 series has a premium molded resistor (where specified). Standard resistor is one megohm, with optional two megohm unit available.

SPECIAL SIZES! Our standard size fits almost everyone however, due to foot sizes or shoe styles, some folks may require something special. Small and large size heel cups are available in our MG-1001 series. Simply add an "S" or an "L" to the end of our standard part numbers to get these special sizes.
Small-  may be required for women with shoe sizes 5 or below in a conventional shoe. The standard size fits most sneakers.
Large- Our standard size fits most large shoes. Some shoe styles, including wide soled sneakers may require a larger heel cup.
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MG-7010 D-ring Heel Grounder
The same high quality heel cup, exclusive STATIC TECH tab and convenient D-ring fastener as the MG-1001 series. A "buried" 1 megohm resistor is sewn into the Velcro to make this grounder an outstanding value! High visibility red Velcro is used on MG-7010 heel grounders.

SPECIAL SIZES!Our standard heel cup fits almost everyone. However, we are aware that there are special cases due to unusual foot sizes or shoe styles that require something special. Both small and large size heel cups are available in our MG-7010 series. Simply add an "S" or an "L" to the end of our standard part numbers to get these special sizes.

Also MG-7012 D-ring heel grounder with 2 megohm resistor.

Also available: MG-1901 D-ring heel grounder with molded 1 megohm resistor and rugged all-black EPDM heel cup.
 Click Here for information on resistor options
 Click Here for information on CT-2000 wrist strap/foot grounder tester

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